Sunday, February 17, 2013

UnCANny ideas!!!
This is the last of my pop can wilderness survival ideas.    There are many more ways that a pop can may be used.  I hope that the pop can ideas have been fun and useful for my blog readers.    After this blog I want to go back to the February 2012 blog and move forward from there.  The purpose of the last few blogs all of which have been ways to use pop cans was just to give examples of ways to use the things that you may find in the wilderness to help in a survival situation.  Generally there are going to be other items a person may find in the wilderness which may also be used to increase the potential for survival.  The important thing is to not look at things simply for what they are but for how they could be useful.  Items that may generally be seen simply as trash can (with a little imagination) might be very useful. 
Fishing Lure

I’m certainly not a great skilled fisherman and I recommend including a fishing kit as part of your wilderness survival kit.  However,  if you don’t have a fishing kit, perhaps the following pop can hooks and lures may help provide a nice meal.  Remember, in a wilderness survival situation you are not necessarily going to get a restaurant style fish plate.  When trying to survive, just be glad for the protein regardless if it is a salmon, large mouth bass, catfish, carp or whatever fish you can get.  The point is to get the food you need to stay alive. 
The lures and hooks in the following pictures do not have fishing line attached but the pictures give an idea of what can be done.  Although it may be somewhat difficulty to tell from the pictures, the hooks are most definitely very, very sharp.   I hope that readers of this blog will try to make some of their own hooks and lures.   The only tool needed is a knife but having a multi-tool in your survival kit would make it even easier to make these items.   I hope my blog readers try to make some hooks and lures too. 
Finally the last of the wilderness survival pop can ideas --- snow goggles.

Many wilderness survival enthusiasts are familiar with improvising snow goggles.  They can be made from a piece of leather and some string of other available materials.  The purpose of improvised snow goggles is to protect your eyes.  If you are stuck in the wilderness in a snow covered area and you have to travel, the glare from the sun and the reflection from the snow can be blinding to the point your eyes can be damaged or you can become snow blind.   The loss of your vision significantly complicates a wilderness survival situation.   


The bottom outside portion of the two pop cans goes over the eyes.  Each piece of pop can has a hole punched in the middle (from the bottom outside of the can toward the inside of can).  The punched hole can be enlarged slightly if needed.  Each pop can piece also has a hole punched into each side of the piece also.  I happened to have a wire bread bag tie which I used to fasten the two pieces together by threading it through the holes and twisting the wire tie.  The eyepieces are fastened around the head with a shoelace or a piece of string.   Not only do they protect the eyes, they also reflect outward which serves as a reflector mirror which may help searchers to spot you.  The snow goggles work very well.    Give it a try!

Be safe and happy adventures.