Friday, June 29, 2012


Sorry for  not posting a blog for a while, sometimes things happen.  I have been eager to post a blog in continuing where my blog from February left off. 

Take a break and STOP.  I mentioned that I would elaborate more on this subject and present some fun wilderness survival items.  The ability to observe your surroundings is important.  You can enhance your survival odds by having some knowledge and creativity of what can be used in your surroundings to your benefit.  Les Stroud touched on this skill in his book Survive.  He referred to this as “sculpturing”.  Simply put, it is the skill of being able to find multiple uses for items which you may find in the wilderness. 

Now, these links are just rather simple illustrations yet several good examples of “sculpturing”.  Please take a look at the following ----

A big thank you to the many people who have put these videos together and who have been so kind to share them for the benefit of others. 

There are several other cool uses for pop cans in wilderness survival.   When a person is in a wilderness survival situation, making use of things you may find can be a real boost to morale and increase your potential to do well.  More on this subject soon. 

Be wise, be safe and happy adventures.

- Magpie