Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reflecting On The Pop Can

This months blog is another example of creative uses of so called "junk" that you may find in the wilderness.  It is important to see things not for what they are but for what they can become.  The first picture here is a signal mirror that took just a few minutes to make without much effort at all and only with the use of a pocket knife.

This next picture is the same signal mirror shown in the shade.

This last picture shows the basic materials used to make the signal mirror.  It's a matter of simple cutting and then bending and crimping the edges together. 

You don't really need to join the two pieces of pop cans together, one can alone make a good signal mirror.  It is nice to know if you run into a six pack of cans in the wilderness you can make an even bigger signal mirror.  As seen on a prior blog the bottom piece of pop cans can be used as a fire starter because it reflects the rays of the sun.  Even a few bottom pop cans can be used in combination to make a mirror. 

So this is a very simple project that can be used to get someones attention that may attract the attention you need.