Saturday, December 17, 2011

Touching the Void

I often read newspaper articles about wilderness survival situations.  When I see a report on TV about a hiker or adventurer who has gone missing and a search is underway I am sure to keep up with the story until the person is found or the search is called off.  I have also read many wilderness survival related books.  I just recently finished reading  - Touching the Void.  This is a story about Joe Simpson and Simon Yates.  The book is written by Joe Simpson.  It is well written since the story is written based on first hand experience.  The book was also made into a movie and I found that the internet (You Tube) has an 11 part series of videos which gives a good presentation of the story.  While Joe and Simon report that some people are critical of their actions in the story, I am appreciative that they had the fortitude to share their story so that others might learn and benefit from it.  If you don’t like sitting down to read a book, then try to take time to at least watch the story on the internet.

Joe Simpson made a remark toward the end of the book about his experience making the film when he went back to the scene of his survival experience. He commented about a sense of invincibility in the past years.  Elsewhere in the book there were some other comments that were also somewhat supportive of a carefree attitude although Joe and Simon were indeed experienced adventurers.   It is remarkable too that Joe and Simon recognized that their fatal mistake happened before they left their base camp.  A very small piece of equipment would have made all the difference in their story. 

I would encourage reading the story or watching the movie.  The book is not very long but gives remarkable insight to a wilderness survival situation.  Again, I would express my gratitude toward Joe Simpson and Simon Yates for sharing their story. 

Just a very short blog this time.  Happy adventures and happy holidays.