Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Just suppose for a moment that you (or a family member) became lost or stranded in the wilderness.   If rules 1 and 2 were followed, this should help to boost your morale and to some degree assure you that help is likely on the way.  Even so, it may take some time before help arrives.  Meanwhile, you (or your family member) would greatly benefit by having a survival kit on you.  The kit can provide much needed extra comfort and help increased the odds of being found and not only just surviving but surviving somewhat comfortably.   Before we go any further about survival kits, just a quick reminder about rules 1 and 2.

                        RULE 1.  KNOW BEFORE YOU GO
                        RULE 2.  LET SOMEBODY ELSE KNOW

  Okay, onward and forward with rule 3. ALWAYS KEEP A SURVIVAL KIT ON YOU

So there are lots of questions to ask about survival kits mainly – Should you buy a kit or make a kit?  What items should be in the kit?  For now, the first thing to do is get a paper and something to write with as this blog will introduce some helpful information to get you started.

Ready with your paper?  Now please review the kits on these websites and make a column listing the contents of the kit of the first kit.  When you review the second kit, put a check mark by items already listed and any new items add to the column list.  By the time you have reviewed the following websites you will not only see a variety of kits and sizes of kits but you will readily see items that are repeatedly listed in most of the kits.  This will provide you with a good list for starting your own wilderness survival kit.

Survival Necklace

Survival Necklace

All of the above kits and many, many more which you can find on the internet give great useful information and I think it is wonderful that so many people are willing to share their kit ideas so others can benefit.

Personally, I favor the concept of making your own survival kit rather than buying a kit.  But that is my opinion.  Even a purchased kit is better than no kit at all.   If you are in a real survival situation, something is always better than nothing as far as kits go.   If you look at kits you will soon see that there are kits that can be very expensive and weigh many pounds and there are very compact kits such as the Altoids type of kits.   If nothing else, start with a kit that you can always carry ON YOU.  It will do you no good at all to have a deluxe wilderness survival kit in the trunk of your car when you go on a hike, if you are stranded 10 miles away from the car.  So KEEP THE KIT ON YOU.  This may be a small kit in your pocket, a hiking pole kit, a wilderness survival necklace or wilderness survival hat.  Better yet, why not all of them.  Wilderness survival kits can actually be very inexpensive to make.  This will be the subject of future blogs as well since there is so much to consider when making these kits.  The main point for now is to start making a kit today for yourself and for each member of your family.  Make it a goal to have the kit completed before you go on your next wilderness adventure.  By the way, making the kits is a great family activity or can be a great get together party for you and your outdoor adventure friends. 

Have fun and happy adventures.

- Magpie

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